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October 26, 2015



Thank you for visiting Art LovHer! 

 First, please be patient with me as I rehaul the website. Currently Art LovHer does not have a web designer/builder on staff, so it falls to me to construct our site from scratch after some serious hacking on our previous site. However, I am not a web designer. I have only adequate web skills. I'm learning this aspect of necessity via books and YouTube. Currently Art LovHer is accepting inquiries from web designers/builders that are looking to be a part of a growing team. 

Second, I am Joi Sanchez, creator of Art LovHer. For the past four years I have built and maintained platforms for independent artists to have greater visibility and create financial empowerment for themselves while building up the community we belong to. One day I had a crazy idea that we, artists, could have greater control over our futures by taking matters into our own hands. Before you write me off as crazy, think about how  Nike, or Chanel, or any other "brand" begin? With people that believed in a specific goal for a product. Us, artists, we are a product, yet most of us do not know how to conduct the business aspect of artistry. We have been told by the world that the only way to "make it" is for someone else to give us a large amount of money for what we create, so we can be "successful". Yet in my life, I've found that success is self-defined.. It can not always be measured in dollars and cents. All the money in the world will not make us happy. "But artists have to eat! We have to pay our bills as well." Indeed! We do have needs, and our needs can be met when we work together. That's what Art Lovher is about, a platform for us to support each other and create the reality we choose to live in.

We have two regular events:

First Friday Open Artist Salon @Wow Cafe Theatre (59-61 East 4th St between 2nd Ave & Bowery)

Dates: Nov 6th, Dec4th, Jan 8th, Feb 5th, March 4th, April 1st, May 6th **Doors at 8:30pm, Event begins at 9pm

Quarterly InStudio Jam Sessions @Funkadelic Studios (209 West 40th St, bet 7th & 8th Aves)

Dates: TBA



Thank you again for your patience, support & love. Stay in the loop! follow us on Instagram & Twitter @BK_ArtLovHer